"We Help Dedicated Agents

Double Their Business In 6 months

So They Can Abundantly Provide For Their Family

Without Working 80 hours/week."

From: Erik Johnson
Peoria, Arizona

What I’m about to show you has literally changed the businesses of over 100,000 people…

And it can change yours as well.

But before I share that with you, it’s important to understand one very simple… and possibly very painful fact…

Your Brokerage Is Holding You Back!

I want to start by telling you a short story...

Not long ago a good friend came up to me and told me he needed to talk.  I thought, OK?  He has been a good friend for over 6 years. Our kids are friends and play sports together. When he said he needed to talk I thought, "Maybe he has some bad health news?"

I knew he had been interested in moving to a new house in the next year. I would regularly keep in touch even if it was a few weeks of not seeing each other. 

He went on to tell me that "He had just bought a house" and was under contract.  

"I was shocked and it caught me off guard!"

He went on to tell me that he and his wife know 2 other REALTORS® and it was a very hard decision. He respects me and my business but still chose someone else.  

I didn't get mad. I know its a competitive market with agents. I thought I had done a great job differentiating myself and keeping in touch regularly. 

But the average real estate consumer in Arizona knows over 7 real estate agents!

It is becoming harder than ever to differentiate yourself from the crowd of agents.

I learned that the agent my friend chose worked for RE/MAX.

It's often hard to measure brand awareness.  A known brand = trust.  And trust can be one of the deciding factors when a client chooses an agent. 

In this case, I felt the reason I lost out was because of the brand. You see, I was at a local, 100% company with little to no consumer brand awareness.  

What can brand awareness bring? Well, I know what it doesn't bring. I lost out on a commission of....$19,650!

That's when I decided that I needed to make a change. And I quickly discovered what the MAXIMUM looks like.

With other brands you get the minimum. Minimum brand awareness, minimum support, minimum marketing, minimum training, minimum technology, minimum differentiation, and minimum producers.  

I have come to learn that the bare minimum is on the ground...

Here's What MAXIMUM

Actually Look's Like

When you join the RE/MAX family you instantly take advantage- DAY ONE of 47 years of marketing and advertising that the brand has done for its agents.

dave liniger remax

Additionally, 1000's of agents across the United States over 47 years have been advertising, reinforcing the brand and the balloon which has been synonyms with real estate agents you can TRUST.


So how does this translate to RE/MAX agents?

remax sales numbers

This translates to more sales and more commissions earned than other real estate agents.  Watch the full video breakdown below for further proof that RE/MAX agents are Above the Crowd!

Marketing and Advertising that RE/MAX provides it's agents is only the beginning

RE/MAX is the home where top producers belong. Where top agents set goals, grow, and achieve all their real estate dreams. 

remax balloon

First Class Technology

That Drastically Reduces Costs

Every great real estate agent knows that a robust website and CRM is absolutely essential to succeed in the market today.  It is no longer an option. Prospective clients will often search for you online which makes your website more important than ever.

You also need a site that captures leads and helps you manage your database. The problem is that most sites that offer these tools are expensive.

RE/MAX has partnered with KV Core with no additional cost to the agent. 

booj website
first app logo

RE/MAX acquired real estate tech startup First in December of 2019.

First helps you identify your personal contacts and finds who are likely to sell within the next year, keeps you accountable with friendly coaching prompts and helps you track your improvement over time. 

first app remax

What do agents say about FIRST?

remax advertising
megaphone logo

Megaphone is our in-house digital advertising platform

Megaphone makes it easy to create campaigns, track results, and collect leads from web ads and social promotions. 

RE/MAX also partners with other technology companies, saving the agents time with easy setup and use...

remax and adwerx
remax and photofy

"RE/MAX is always committed to meeting the current and future technology needs of top producers."

Always Informed

With RE/MAX University

RE/MAX has a slogan that says, "the more you learn the more you earn."  It's actually more than just a slogan. 

Data actually backs up the statement which is why RE/MAX has always made education a top priority

remax university
remax u videos

In RE/MAX University you will find a vast array of real estate training. The best thing about RU is that you are not learning from someone who has never done it before. You are learning from some of the top agents in the RE/MAX Network.  

By learning from the best you are saving hundreds of hours and it will drastically reduce the effort it takes to become informed on specific topics. 

real estate trainers

There are hundreds of "quick hits" videos that are all under 5 minutes. Designed to give you everything you need in a short amount of time. 

Learning from the "BEST" saves you TIME. 

If you want to dive deeper into a subject RU also offers its Webinar Series. Many of these training's come from coaches and consultants who have helped agents for many years. 

remax university
real estaet coaches

Interested in developing Mastery? RE/MAX also offers the Master Tracks by Momentum. 

remax master tracks

Education has always been a top priority for RE/MAX. From the time it created the first ever real estate satellite network to educating today's top professionals online. The commitment is still the  same today. 

Need Leads?

No Problem 

Real estate leads are always a portion of the agents business plan. We know as an agent we need to continue to have a steady flow of leads coming into the business. 

A stead flow of leads will help you not only close more in the short-term but build long-term relationships. 

remax ipad app

REMAX.com is the #1 real estate brokerage website, with more than 90 Million Visits last year. 

remax most visited website

Your Personal RE/MAX Website

When you join RE/MAX you will also generate FREE leads from your personalized custom website. These leads go directly to your CRM. The sites are designed to be clean, easy to use, and great lead generators. 

RE/MAX Homes & Properties also promotes a West Valley website- WestValleyRealEstate.com

We invest thousands monthly in the site so our agents can grow their business and pipeline. Building our agents network in the West Valley is our main goal. 

Social networks can help an agent grow their business without spending money. We conduct training's and workshops on how to leverage your name in your local area.

Schedule A Private 1:1

Personal Consultation

We are committed to each and every agent becoming a raging success! Don't delay anymore! Enter your information below so we may reach out to you OR click the orange button to schedule an appointment at our convenient location at 7111 W Bell Rd. 

RE/MAX Was Created Especially 

For Entrepreneurs

RE/MAX from the beginning was the place for the real estate agent that treated their career like a real estate business. Their business!

When you walk among top producers, feeling motivated to grow your business is only natural. We know that is takes money to make money which is why our structure is a little bit different than most.

No Monthly Fees, Ever!

At RE/MAX Homes & Properties we don't charge our agents monthly fees. Yes, that is not a typo.

Nothing, nada, zero!

Who knows how to best run your business? You do.

And we'll be there, empowering you with the technology, guidance and progressive ideas to help you find sustainable, entrepreneurial success WITHOUT monthly fees.

Terms and Restrictions Apply*

A Truly Global

Referral Network

Do you want to make money from your referrals?

As an agent, it's nice to be able to capitalize on these referrals. 


How do you quickly find an agent that you can really trust?

And more importantly- who your clients can trust. 

RE/MAX is the #1 trusted brand around the world. 

As part of the RE/MAX Network you can accomplish this quickly and easily...

With Just The Click Of A Button.

Use the advanced filters to narrow down your search by...

  • Years of Experience Maybe you want someone who has been in the business 10 years.
  • Specific Designations You've spent time earning designations and want to find someone similar. 
  • Awards and Specialties  From Commercial to Land Specialists or the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.

With RE/MAX your referrals are in good hands to the far corners of the globe.

Simplify And Save Time

With Beautiful Marketing Materials

Everyone has been there...

You sit down to create a real estate flyer, social media post, or a just listed postcard.

You think to yourself...

"It will only take a few minutes"

3 hours later you are stuck with nothing to show for it!

Taking valuable time away from the business activities that will actually grow your business.

With RE/MAX, you get access to the ultimate Design Center.

A first class design center that is built to...

  • Reduce the effort it takes to create marketing materials with true drag & drop.
  • Save you hours of time trying to create marketing  from scratch or using old or hard-to-use technology.
  • Simplify the process from start to finish.

While giving you beautiful and attractive designs.

Actual Case Studies


A Personal Business Plan

That Works for YOU

An Office Environment That Is

Positive & Supportive

The Professional Office You Deserve

Our office is conveniently located at 71st Avenue and Bell Road. 

Easy access to Glendale, Peoria, and the entire West Valley.

You and your clients will be greeted to a beautiful front entrance. 

It's professional, clean, and ready to impress. 

Often when you meet with clients their kids need to be occupied while you conduct business.

With our family waiting room, the kids are entertained and your contact will be written in record time.

Write a contract, narrow down your MLS search or have a personal conversation.

Our private meeting rooms give you the access you need for client privacy in a professional space. 

Be a part of an office training, group meeting or gathering place. 

Easy access to the TV and Roku to make your meetings flow smoothly.

We have multiple drop in areas for our agents along with more private work spaces you can personalize

At RE/MAX Homes & Properties you get access to our beautifully designed office and dedicated support from an amazing team.

RE/MAX Works For Every

Committed Professional

If you are a committed real estate professional, RE/MAX works. As an office we want to make it very clear to our agents what we are here to do. Our office is all about our real estate agents and our mission reflects that mentality. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the first office people go to in the Valley for their real estate needs.

Our values are very important to us. They are our guiding principles and help shape the behavior in the office and working with clients.

Our Values

Excellence -  Always learning and driven to be our personal best.

Hustle - Willing to work hard and put in the extra effort.

Humble - Helpful and generous to our customers and co-workers.

We know that these values create great team players. In real estate you never really work alone. You always work with other agents. These values drive agent behavior leading to ultimate success. 

Have Fun, Connect, & Grow

In Las Vegas At The R4 Conference

What happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas.

Every year RE/MAX agents from around the World descend on Las Vegas, Nevada for... 

Networking, Connecting, and Learning 

At RE/MAX you belong to the largest and most productive real estate network in the world. 

At R4 you will have access to top real RE/MAX agents in the network and learn from the best of the best.

Learn from top agents in the network. Mingle and grow you referral network. 

Be inspired with exclusive content from some of today's top real estate coaches.

"You can only grow your business as far as you grow yourself."

-Brian Buffini

At RE/MAX R4 you have the opportunity to get recognized among the best real estate agents in the world. 

We value your hard work by rewarding and recognizing excellence. 

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Don't just take our word. See what are other RE/MAX agents are saying...

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